CWD Website Development – PHP-MySQL

Requirement :
I want to develop a website with existing functionality ( MS Access structure ) & new features using Custom Script.
Manage Owners
Certified Inspectors
Manage Facility
Public Water Supplies
Manage Devices
Manage Test ( Add / Edit / Delete )
Manage Repairs

PHP Customization – Aragga.com

Requirement :
1. Upload all banners for merchants(We need to see the logos) in the list sent to you onto the page http://aragga.com/merchants, US and UK merchants will be separated respectively
2. Under featured products lets display electronic goods also.
3. Find a way to display the most popular products like electronics on the home page
4. All the above tasks needs to be very clean and not cluster the site so I trust you pull it off.


Need to develop a website with the following options.
1.Four Rotating Banners
2.Flow chart
3.Treatments to Lower Uric Acid & treat flares
4.Research Opportunities
6.Track Symptoms
8.Symptom Tracker MONTHLY Questionnaire.


Requirement :
I have developed this project from-scratch.
Following are the modules that I have developed & integrated in http://datapact.qupact.com/.
1.Search for a Channel
2.Search for a Supplier
3.Search for a Product
4.Search for a Contact
5.Add a new Channel
6.Add a new Supplier
7.Modify an Existing Profile.

PHP Mysql Customization on Managedleases.com

Requirement :
Need to customize X-cart shopping with the desired templates and features.